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It could happen that Canada Post’s system wrongly calculates shipping fees. If you estimate those to be unreasonable, be sure to have added the desired products and written the delivery address in the order but write to us at info@funique.ca before completing, so we can try to find a solution

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Procedure and shipping fees

  • You can get the shipping fee estimate for an order by entering your postal code on the cart page.
  • You can then proceed with the order by going to the Checkout page
  • You will then  be ablt to pay for the order selecting your preferred method of payment.

Other faster delivery options

  • *24-hour bus delivery: Be sure to understand the conditions for this service (all details on this page) and call us (1-877-938-6386) to insure fast packaging, (only available in Quebec).
  • Flexdelivery from Canada Post: your order an be delivered directly to your postal office to prevent losing an additional day because of your absence (click here for more details).

Satisfaction warranty: Your satisfaction is essential to our success, even if we don’t have the pleasure to meet you in person, we will do everything possible to make sure you appreciate your shopping experience at fUniqUe. If you’re not entirely satisfied with an unused product, contact us as soon as possible so we can find the best solution. You can also visit our Warranties section for more details.

Save money by making group purchases Shipping fees has risen considerably lately and even though our shipping fees are calculated according to real-time shipment size and distance. Sadly, as a small specialized store, we cannot afford to absorb these fees. In order to reduce these fees, we offer many choices of delivery options and we encourage you to gather a friend or two and make a group purchase, which can considerably reduce shipping costs ratio.