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  1. J’aurais voulu mettre un 10/5!! Service et matériel impeccable!! Merci! Nous allons refaire affaire avec vous!

    • 😍 Merci!

  2. Livraison rapide! Satisfaite de la qualité du produit! Merci!

  3. Il avait demandé exactement ça pour ses 6 ans.

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Very Satisfied! (London, ON)

Very organized website with categorization of toys, books, kit, etc.; Competitive prices; Proper delivery time; and Interactive, informative and educational toys, books, kit, etc.

J.Laurin, Oka.

Excellent service, friendly and accommodating staff. A company that deserves to be known! Thank you!

P. Lemay, St-Antoine de Tilly.

 P. Lemay, St-Antoine of Tilly. Excellent choice of educational games with books translated into French! Outstanding, undisputed service. I subscribe.


I appreciated the emails informing me of the possible delays in delivery due to a supply delay and then confirming a slight delay. This demonstrates a respect for the customer, something that is unfortunately lacking in many businesses. I hope that this will be maintained when Funique will have grown, something I wish you wholeheartedly. I had found the kit Snap circuit on Amazon, but I would not have bought with English unilingual documents. Congrats on the translation. I examined it quickly and it seems very good. I’ll evaluate it better when my grandson, who will receive it as a gift, will have achieved his first circuits.

M.Lapointe, Lac-Beauport

Nice variety of educational products of very good quality and a very good service. Beautiful web site easy to navigate.

Eric L., LaPrairie

Excellent product with all the manuals translated into French. Very fast delivery. Highly recommended.à

Excellent product and excellent service! My 11 year old daughter claimed to have received the coolest gift she had ever received! (SC – sound)

Maryse L. de Blainville.

Great website and excellent customer service. I still need to test the product but I have no worry! I would have liked to have known about this site before, being a mother of an autistic 11-year-old boy who is interested in science and for whom shopping is more complicated. It is my favorite discovery this year and for the next few years probably!

C.Lambert of Pointe-Claire

Very good service – a good place for science games Santa Claus is very happy!

V. Richard from Lévis

Top-quality service. Product exactly as describes. Thank you !


Superb products, nice website and excellent service !!!!!!! Very satisfied, thank you very much!


Thank you for offering toys and products that are unique and fulfill the youth’s scientific interests!

D. Hamel from Quebec

I can tell you that I’m very satisfiedt de la rapidité de livraison de ma commande. De plus, je trouve votre sélection de produits exclusifs fort intéressant et j’en ai déjà parlé à certains collègues et amis.  Je souhaite longue vie à fUNIQUE.

J.T. from Montreal

Your service is easy and efficient


N. Filion of Longueuil

Superb products Wonderful customer service Great shiiping… Thank you for everything!

S.C. of Saint-Joseph du Lac

Exceptional, courteous and very dynamic customer service. Excellent top quality product choice, at competitive prices. Two happy kids and a mommy who now knows where to buy her Christmas gifts…

NB, Longueuil

I was very happy to have found a website with that offers interesting and original gift ideas. But also, shipping was fast, the followup excellent and customer service answered my request in record time. My boy hasd lots of fun with the “Snap circuit” that are easier to use then other initiation kits that I’ve bought elsewhere. As simple as Lego blocks and lots to learn. Thank you, I will be back!


I was surprised that I was answeres immediately at the customer service toll-free number. Quality, courteous and comprehensiveness, exactly what you wish for a first-time order. I’ve kept the little note in the package encouragoing us to share our experience and I will not hesitate to do so. My next orders will surely be done for Christmas that’s coming up. I’ve already started talking about it to my friends, hope it works out! I wish you a long life and thank you for your attention and care!

S. Beaulieu

The presale service was quick and done with kindness and availability. Delivery by mail went smoothly even if we were very close to Christmas, I have no negative comment about this purchase.

C. Laforestiere

Fantastic customer service!


I phoned because my boyfriend had not completed the online order. I spoke to a sympathetic person who gave me all the desired information. I am satisfied with the service received and the speed to address the problem.


Most appreciated: imperial service and your kindness.

S. Tremblay and Mr. Gregoire

Really fast and customized service. Paypal payment was extremely effective. Super! Strong points: delivery and payment.

A. Pronovost

I received the books today, thank you very much for the speed of service!


I just discovered your site of educational and scientific toys and I wanted to encourage you. I’m always looking for original and stimulating toys for my children and you offer things that are not found elsewhere. A nice initiative, I’ll pass the word around. I only have very good comments to make.


Thank you! I’d say ‘til next time.

B. Lemieux

 I must point out that I can only find (Khet) this game in your store. I have not seen it elsewhere.

We have given it to our two boys (9 and 12 years). It is an excellent game. The eldest particularly likes it. His father and I also love to play with it. It is sometimes difficult to predict where the laser will end up because of the multiple mirrors. This leads to surprises and crazy laughs. Our son has lots of pleasure playing because he’s very good.

Please keep selling unique toys and games

Mr. Lapointe

A very interesting way for children to understand electronics and to try some experiments based on their understanding and creativity.

Thanks for a successful translation of the booklets.

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  1. Very Satisfied!
    Very organized website with categorization of toys, books, kit, etc.; Competitive prices;
    Proper delivery time; and
    Interactive, informative and educational toys, books, kit, etc.

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