SNAP CIRCUITS by Elenco – Electrifying toys and the best way to learn about electricity and electronics by making fun circuits!

  • Instruction booklet with colour diagrams of electrical circuits, making it easy to understand and follow. Diagrams resemble real ones and use real symbols to learn while doing.
  • Educational and appreciated at all ages : from elementary to college, 8 to 108 years old!
  • Fun : the pieces easily fit together like a construction toy.
  • Play with electricity safely : uses real electrical components with AA batteries, without risk.
  • The original by Elenco: no copies, quality, durable American product, electric circuits game that have been around for over 20 years and have won countless awards and prizes.

Click here for more information on the Snap Circuits® models, to help you make an informed choice.

  • Regular line (white boxes)
    1. Snap Circuits Beginners : 20 projects, 13 parts. The only set adapted to the young ones, recommended for 5 years and older.
    2. SC-100 Snap Circuits Junior* : 100 projects. 30 parts. The first of the regular line, ideal to test a child’s interest.
    3. SC-300* : 300 projects. 60 parts. A good choice if you have a child who is already interested in the subject and you want enough experiences for several hours.
    4. SC-500 Snap Circuits Pro* : 500 projects. 75 parts. For the serious player.
    5. SC-750 Snap Circuits Extreme: 750 projects, 80 parts. The ultimate kit, includes a solar cell and a computer interface that serves as a basic oscilloscope.
  • Themed sets
    • Snap Circuits Motion (red box): 165 projects related to movement, 50 parts including a car model and gears to better understand some physical principles of mechanics and simple machines.
    • Snap Circuits Sound (blue box): 185 projects, 40 parts, including a theremin and musical keyboard.
    • Snap Circuits Lights (black box): 175 projects, 61 parts, including a fiber optic cable and a connection for an MP3 player.
    • Snap Circuits Green (green box): 125 projects, 40 parts. Explore the world of alternative energies (solar panel, water wheel, wind and dynamo.
    • Snaptricity (red or white box): 75 projects, 40 parts. The ideal beginner kit for learning, with an emphasis on the link between magnetism and electricity, great for schools.
    • Snap Circuits 3d Illumination (black box) :  160 projects, 50 parts, to build 3D lighted models!
    • Snap Circuits Coding (black box) : 18 projects, 30 parts. To combine learning about coding with circuits.
    • Snap Circuits MyHome (white and purple box) : 25 projects, 60 parts. Build 3D models like a house to understand how electricity works in a home.
    • Snap Circuits Arcade (black box): 200 projects, 20 parts. Build projects to play electronic games with a friend.
    • Snapino (small white box): 20 projects, 14 parts. Includes an Arduino microcontroller for an introduction to real coding.

* Can be upgraded with the additional parts and booklets by purchasing the desired Snap Circuits upgrade kits. However those kits have been discontinued by manufacturer, limited quantities.

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