SNAP CIRCUITS by Elenco – Electrifying toys and the best way to learn about electricity and electronics by making fun circuits!

•  The original by Elenco: Quality American product•
Educational and appreciated by everyone: 8 to 108 years old!•
• Color, easy to understand plans. •
Fun: parts SNAP easily together, like a construction toy.•
Play with electricity safely: uses real components and AA batteries.
Winner of many awards:

Regular line* (White boxes)

SC100 Jr : 100 projects. 30 parts. The first of the regular line, ideal for a first exploration.

SC300: 300 projects. 60 parts. A good start for a science buff.

SC500 Pro : 500 projects. 75 parts.

SC750 Extreme: 750 projects, 80 parts including a computer interface, the ultimate kit.
*First three kits can be upgraded with the additional parts and booklets by purchasing the desired Snap Circuits upgrade kit (UC40, UC50, UC50, UC70, UC80). You’ll also find here the carrying case and AC adaptor for the Snap Circuits.
Themed setsts including a car-like module and gears.


SC-Motion: 165 projects related to movement, 50 parts including a car model and gears to better understand some physical principles of mechanics and simple machines.
SC-Sound: 185 projects, 40 parts, including a theremin and musical keyboard.
SC-Lights: 175 projects, 6 parts, including a fiber optic cable and a connection for an MP3 player.
SNAP Circuits Green (SCG125): explore the world of alternative energies (solar panel, water wheel, wind and dynamo). 125 projects, 40 parts.
Snaptricity (SCBE75): The ideal beginner kit for learning, great for school. 75 projects, 40 parts.
Snap Rover (SCROV50): the Snap Circuit on wheels, that illuminates and shoots projectiles! 60 projects, 50 parts. *

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