DIY Science toys & robotics kits: I’ve built it myself! For our future inventors, engineers and all those who want to understand how things work…

The added value of our robotic kits is the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the building a toy robot from the ground up with parts and gears.
These toys are armed with a screwdriver for your child to be able to build his/her own robot and will be as proud as can be to play with their new creation. Most kits can be built by children starting at the age of 7-8 years old. These kits can also be enjoyed by pre-teens and adults.
Furthermore, this toy helps develop skills such as:

Tool handling: fine motricity
Coordination & focus on task
Perseverance, patience and learning the value of sustained efforts by appreciating its results! 

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Mostly OWI products, from California (no Chinese copies!).

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