3D Holographic View Cards of the Human Body


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A fascinating way to  discover the human body


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Have fun exploring the body with those cards that can show you multiple angles of an organ. See science is motion to grow a deeper understanding of the human body.

Transform the 18 images by tilting the lenticular cards. Read the back for more information and related vocabulary


Cards: (4″L x 5″H) in storage tray plus Activity Guide. Grades 1+

  • Skull
  • Brain
  • Full Human Body
  • Upper Torso Organs
  • Digestive System
  • Hand X-ray
  • Foot X-ray
  • Knee Joint
  • Elbow Joint
  • Shoulder Joint
  • Neck
  • Spine and Vertebrae
  • Heart and Lungs
  • Human Heartbeat
  • Arm Muscles
  • Leg Muscles
  • Running Skeleton
  • Muscles in Motion

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