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The complete pedagogical set: motorized simple machines, bridges, which display force and motion.


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The Engino Master Set is the ultimate educational set as it’s comprised of all the different Engino classroom sets; the STRUCTURES, SIMPLE MACHINES and SOLAR POWER. With this set, students get a chance to experiment with all the different subjects of science and technology as well as engage in advanced problem solving. Students can build more than 100 models from this set. It comes in a plastic box for secure storage and easy handling by students. It contains 495 components with nearly 2000 connecting points.


This classroom set will help students learn about the concepts of energy with emphasis on solar energy. More than 30 models can be built; each designed for investigating how energy is converted and stored. The set includes two 3V solar modules which can work individually or connect parallel for increased output. A very unique feature of the Engino Solar Energy module is the hybrid ability; that is the motor can run either on batteries (3xAAA) or from the sun (solar power). The panels can connect directly on the motor with a small wire or can transfer power via the wired RC handset. Using the handset allows the model to be lighter and to move in any direction irrespective to the position of the Sun.

The POWERED SIMPLE MACHINES classroom set includes gears, pulleys, worm gears, axles and cranks so that students can build fully functional machines. It also includes a 4.5V high-torque geared motor that can work from a wired remote control. Children can build more than 70 different models from this set; each model demonstrating different principles of mechanisms and simple machines. Besides mechanisms, this set also covers the Newton’s Laws of Motion. Detailed building instructions are included for all models.


The ability of Engino parts to connect up to 6 different directions simultaneously with easy snap fit assembly, making Engino ideal for exploring the three dimensional space. Special elements such as pivoting joints allow any angle to be created and assemblies are not restricted to angles of 90 and 45 degrees. The patented extendable rods can extend to cover any distance and students can create and experiment with all types of triangular shapes. There are enough parts to build 2 models simultaneously so that 4-6 students can split into two smaller groups. Both groups can build one of the seven featured models and then compare their constructions and experiments. They can also combine all parts for larger building challenges, creating domes, and famous buildings or bridges with larger spans. This set includes 2 sets of instructions; one for each group. Models cover a house, two types of truss bridges, a suspension bridge, an arch bridge and a cable bridge.

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  1. Anonyme (verified owner)

    Très intéressant, surtout les fiches pédagogiques fournies dans le cdrom. En revanche, le CDRom ne contient pas les plans motorisés compatibles avec le moteur fourni (les plans fournis correspondent à l’ancien modèle). Funique nous a transmis les plans mis à jour après les avoir contacté.