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There are thousands of different species of birds around the world. Some live in hot climates, some in cold. Some eat plants and small insects, while others eat small animals. Some are awake during the day and some at night. Despite all of their differences, there is one distinct characteristic that is unique to all birds… feathers!

Kids will be excited to learn about feathers and birds and thrilled to take home a real peacock feather of their very own!  

Concepts Taught:

Understand the importance of feathers.
Learn the structure and parts of feathers.
Discover the 6 types of feathers and what they’re used for.
Use critical thinking to understand why each bird’s feathers are different.
Compare and contrast the features and uses of different feathers included in this kit.

Materials Included:

A gorgeous 30+” Peacock Feather with full eye for each participant to insert into a feather information card for taking home.
9 different feathers to compare and contrast as participants learn about the purpose and structure of each unique type. These feathers are beautiful (and real)!!!
Exclusive activity guide that provides everything instructor’s need to teach about feathers – amazing feather facts, fun feather activities, and a reproducible activity page.

Set de plumes

This set includes the following 10 feathers:

Bronze Barred Turkey Quill Feather
Down Feathers from Waterfowl
Grey Goose Pointer Feather
Guinea Rooster Round Feather
Half-White Duck Pointer Feather
Lady Amherst Pheasant Red Top Feather
Ring Neck Pheasant Plumage
Ring Neck Pheasant Tail Feather
Silver Pheasant Tail Feathers
Peacock Feather (top “eye” portion only)

Each feather has been identified and individually sealed in a poly bag.

Also includes a Feather Diagram information sheet to explain feather structure and Feather Discovery sheet loaded with educational material about these feathers.

Please note: this is the same feather assortment included in our Birds of a Feather Activity Kit (#134) EXCEPT this set also includes the top portion of 1 Peacock Feather (the full kit includes 25 or 100 full length Peacoc

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