Flexi-Cubus Mechanical DIY Wooden Model


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This geometrical model takes many shapes by bending the joints from one to the other and back as many times as you want.


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This amazing diy octasphere puzzle is made out of eight joint-connected spheres. The flexible connections allow you to change its shape, from its steampunk skeleton cube to what your imagination can invent with the spheres moving and rolling over one another to create different geometrical shapes such as a rectangle and a 3D cube.

The Flexi-Cubus is designed as a means to improve attention and focus on task. Used as a stress toy, it can also help relieve anxiety by direct thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. 

As always, the Ugears building kits need no glue, details are pre-cut in the wooden pieces and ready to assemble.

144 components, estimated time of assembly: 1 hour

Model size: 4,5*2,4*1,1 in (11,5 * 6 * 2,8 cm)

Recommended ageThe instructions are clear, but you need to apply the correct force not to break the pieces. If parents supervise the process or work together with their child, it is possible for kids under 14.
Materials – All models are made of ecological plywood.

Additional helpful materials: for the best assembly results and to ensure the correct fit we recommend checking each detail for flaws and removing imperfections using the finest grit sandpaper. If connecting of certain parts appears difficult, try using household candle wax to lubricate the parts. If you experience difficulties removing a part off the board, simply use a cardboard box opener to detach it. If you desire, you can paint your model; watercolor, gouache or mordant are recommended. Take note that a thick layer can interfere with gears working.

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