Funisnap Extra – eEementary

The ultimate Snap Circuits kit for elementary teachers and students


To prolong students’ fun, the quality of Snap Circuits is combined with the concepts of Quebec’s program and two extra kits.

The elementary kit includes:
– 10 poster-stations with short readings, exploratory ‘missions’ for students and material (in accordance with Quebec’s progression of learning)
– 1 Snaptricity kit (magnetism)
– 1 Green Snap Circuits kit (alternative energies)
– 1 SC-301 Educational Snap Circuits kit including a 84-page color student guide and a teacher’s guide (quizzes)
– Extra parts to complete the 10 stations
– Material lists to organize each station
– Student and teacher guides (1 copy)
– Supplemental web resources
– Complete for a class of 20 students

Topics covered

– What is Electricity? (Atoms and Electrons) – Static Electricity – Electrochemistry 101 (Batteries and pH Scale) – Electricity and Magnetism – Motors and Generators – Conductors and Insulators – Short Circuits and Resistance – Light Bulbs and Other Basic Components (LEDs, Diodes) – Switches (Mechanic and Intro to Logic) – Energy Conversion – Alternative Energies

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