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165 000 possibilities!


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The goal of this great game is to fill with the 11 colored shapes around the 7 positioned blockers to complete a STAR. There are 165,888 possible solutions with the 48 triangular spaces. This is the advanced version of the Genius Square game ….. a true challenge! Easy to learn and fun to play.

Play solo or compete with a friend: a puzzle game where you have to be both fast and smart! You can compete with your friends and family to see who can finish a star first! Or you can challenge yourself against the clock! There are several game options such as finding the path to complete the “gold star”! All arrangements have AT LEAST one possible solution for each, and maybe even more! Find one solution first, then challenge yourself to find another… and… another? Either way… be the star genius!

Won the ASTRA Game of the Year Award
Includes 2 grids, 7 dice, 2 sets of 7 blockers and 2 sets of 11 colored shapes. Easy to transport.
Recommended for ages 8 and up

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  1. French

    Rachel (verified owner)

    Ma petite-fille a été full contente de recevoir Étoile de génie à Noël. Même les adultes de la maison ont eu du plaisir à jouer avec elle.


  2. French

    Monique Champagne (verified owner)

    J’aime beaucoup, grande satisfaction lors de la réussite

    Monique Champagne

  3. French

    Nathalie Huard (verified owner)


    Nathalie Huard