Geomag Mechanics Gravity


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Play while exploring the physics of gravity and magnetism 


Playing with Geomag involves knowing and mastering the invisible forces of nature. With the help of Geomag magnets, you will learn to use gravity to turn your own magic engine, rolling the marbles up and down the circuit, entirely built by you. Gravity and the laws of physics will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Geomag Mechanics Gravity is an original construction system that adds the fun of magnetic and mechanical forces to construction play. They have been designed to entertain children and to stimulate their imagination, curiosity and creativity. Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements to the constructions, expanding the possibilities of play: parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions from magnetic attraction and repulsion. Start with basic shapes and then exploit the potential force with more complex structures.

Made in Switzerland following the highest quality standards. 3 models available:

  • Loops & Turns
  • 130 parts
  • 74% recycled plastic
  • Vertical Motor
  • 183 parts
  • 90% recycled plastic
  • Elevator Circuit
  • 207 parts
  • 86% recycled plastic

You want to see the possibilities of this toy, watch the videos on this Youtube channel, for example, this most impressive construction (several Geomag sets combined) uses magnetic force to activate the movement: to watch.

WARNING: contains powerful magnets, keep away from young children, electronic devices and magnetic cards.

8 years and older

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