Giant Microbes Collection 1 of 3 Diseases and Harmful

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A fun reproduction of microorganisms that are out to harm humans



Choose from these cute but nasty diseases and microbes:

6. Common Cold: How cute can a cold be?
8. Pollen – Hay fever: Essential for plants but causes sneezes and sniffles to many,
10. E. Coli: Inhabitant of our digestive system, some strains can be dangerous if eaten
11. Toxic mold: unwanted in our houses, she loves water leaks!
15. Heart worm: Enemy of a man’s best friend
16. Food Poisoning: One of the most dangerous bacteria that invade food forgotten too long
17. Bookworm: A microbe that eats up books, literally!
21. Cancer cell (reversible): Malignant neoplasm
25. Tapeworm: A cute little friend that likes to cuddle inside you!
26. Dengue Fever: Tropical fever virus
27. Salmonella: Don’t need to wash with hands to handle it!
28. Leprosy: A widely spread disease of medieval times that gave sufferers a repulsive appearance
29. Candida: A harmless inhabitant of our gut that can become problematic if found elsewhere
31. Chagas disease: Minuscule parasite transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical America
33. Red Tide: Colorful and toxic microorganisms
34. Listeria: Ubiquitous but still dangerous for some.
35. Botulism: Bacteria with the most potent toxin on earth!
39. Pimple: Unnecessary microbes that love our face to build their homes
42. Dust mite: A million neighbor friends!
43. Ulcer: A hurtful little inhabitant of our body
46. Diabetes: The pancreatic beta cells produce insulin which help to maintain blood sugar levels. Learn how they work and what happens when they don’t do their work. Each cell contains a zippered-pouch for the insulin. A great gift idea that can even help one to remember to take his or her insulin.
47. Ebola: the widely-known, deadly virus
49. MRSA: a very resistant bacteria causing problems.
50. Tetanus: A microbe that awaits a wound to make your life miserable.
51. Diarrhea (Campylobacter jejuni): he likes spending time with you, in the bathroom!
52. Chicken Pox: this microbe will give you itchy goosebumps, unless you’re vaccinated!
55. Zika: sadly this virus is known to have recently spread to America
57. Celiac disease (reversible): ill intestine cells that hate gluten, but that can be cured by reversing them, the villi come back to health!
66. Polio : a disease that went unnoticed in 99 % of cases but was catastrophic for the unlucky. Luckily, a vaccine has almost eradicated it from the planet.
67. Yellow fever: a disease that ravaged populations in the past, but also in our memories because of vaccines.
69. Athlete’s foot: a fungi that loves your wet toes.
70. Toxoplasmosis: a parasite spread by our best feline friends.
79. Clostridium difficile : this opportunistic bacteria loves to cause trouble to people who just had antibiotics treatment, she takes advantage of your weakened intestinal flora.
80. Pseudomonas aeruginosa : bacteria causing more and more problems with its resistante to the most common antibiotics.
81. Rubella
82. Measles (morbilivirus)
85. Asthma
89. Monkeypox

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71. COVID, 6. Common Cold, 8. Pollen, 10. E. Coli, 11. Toxic mold, 15. Heartworm, 16. Food Poisoning, 17. Bookworm, 21. Cancer cell (reversible), 25. Tapeworm, 26. Dengue Fever, 27. Salmonella, 28. Leprosy, 29. Candida, 31. Chagas disease, 34. Listeria, 35. Botulism, 39. Pimple, 42. Dust mite, 43. Ulcer, 46. Diabetes, 47. Ebola, 49. MRSA, 50. Tetanus, 51. Diarrhea, 52. Chicken Pox, 55. Zika, 57. Celiac disease, 66. Polio, 67. Yellow fever, 69. Athlete's foot, 70. Toxoplasmosis, 75. Hepatitis, 76. Norovirus, 79. Clostridium difficile, 80. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, 81. Rubella, 82. Measles (>orbilivirus), 85. Asthma, 89. Monkeypox



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