Giant Microbes Collection 2 of 3 – Human Body Cells


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A fun way to introduce microbiology, welcome to the world of nasty microbes!




Choose from these cute cells and microbes:
1. The neuron: A funny way to represent our nervous cells
2. Brain Cell: Grey matter that you can cuddle!
3. Red Blood Cell: Cute oxygen carriers
4. White Blood Cell: The germ-fighting soldiers
5. Platelet: Wound healers
19. Cardiac cell (w/sound): A hard-working cell
20. Muscle cell: Cells that do all the work – Stretchable
24. Antibody: The memory of our immune system – antigene included
36. Egg (ovum): A special cell where we all begin
37. Sperm cell: The cell that brings life to the other
40. Plasma: A vital fluid of our body.
44. Fat cell (adipocyte): Our cells that save our reserves
45. DNA: The secret code to life
54. Osteocyte (bone cell): without them we would be blobs!
59. Eye photoreceptor cells: these small cells are offered in a cute, giant, petri dish, the perfect microbiology gift! (2 rods of 18cm and 13cm long cone)
60. Embryo: (the heart beats and illuminates), an ideal gift for an expecting couple.
62 Brain: seat of the personality, our senses, thoughts, an organ like no other.
63. Coeur (organe)
72. Uterus Ovum connect to the with magnets.
73. Cell organelle: a mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.
74. Cell organelle: Golgi’s apparatus the factory of the cell.
83. Testicles: Without them, we wouldn’t be!

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1. Neuron, 2. Brain neuron (grey matter), 3. Red blood cell, 4. White blood cell, 5. Platelet, 19. Heart muscle cell (w/sound), 20. Muscle cell, 24. Antibody, 36. Egg (ovum), 37. Sperm cell, 40. Plasma, 44. Adipose cell (fat), 45. DNA, 46. Beta cell & insulin (diabetes), 54. Bone cell (osteocyte), 59. Eye cells, 60. Human embryo, 62. Brain, 63. Heart, 72. Uterus , 73. Organelle: mitochondria, 74. Organelle: Golgi's apparatus, 83. Testicles



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