Giant Microbes Collection 3 of 3 – The nice microbes


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A fun way to introduce microbiology, welcome to the world of beneficial microorganisms!




Choose from these cute cells and microbes:
7. T4 Virus: A bacteria-eating virus
9. Rotifer: Harmless aquatic microbe
12. Amoeba: The living blob – this unicellular microbe moves and enguls smaller microbes by changing its shape
13. Blue-green algae (Anabaena): Actually a bacteria that can photosynthesize!
14. Paramecium: The ideal microbe for microscope studies of cell structure a freshwater predator of bacteria
22. Ant: A version you won’t want to crush!
30. Penicillin: Who said a mould couldn’t save thousands of humans
32. Bifidobacterium: No pizza without these bacteria!
33. Red Tide: Coloful and toxic microorganisms
38. Water Bear: The most resistant being on earth!
39. Pimple: Unnecessary microbes that love our face to build their homes
41. Beer and bread (yeast): We’ve loved this microbe since the beginnings of civilization.
48. Euglena: half-plant, half-animal, euglena is a protist et one of the most studied and fascinating microorganism!
53. Copepod (Centropages hamatus): minuscule aquatic creature among the most abundant on Earth.
54. Osteocyte (bone cell): without them we would be blobs!
61. NEW! Geobacter (luminous):  ahrmless bacteria from which we can harvest energy!

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