Giant Microbes Gift Set – Plagues of the 21st Century

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A dangerous collection of microbes


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This pack of nasty microbes that have been wreaking havoc lately will help you get the facts out and give you some perspective. Be aware and learn to know these modern and deadly scourges better.

The pack includes 5 diseases :



COVID-19 arrived in 2019 and quickly spread around the world, accompanied by confusion, rumors and fear. Scientists are studying vaccines as nations “move into the Middle Ages” by quarantining their citizens. When a mysterious germ strikes and the threat of a pandemic is in the air, stay calm and learn the facts.



The Zika virus causes birth defects and devastating neurological disorders. It is transmitted to people through the bites of infected Aedes mosquitoes, which live in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Most infected people have no symptoms, while some have fever, rashes and muscle aches.



Measles is a highly contagious virus that remains a dangerous health threat. Many people catch the germ every year despite an effective vaccine. Although its telltale symptoms are red spots and a mild fever, it is actually a respiratory disease that can lead to fatal pneumonia and brain damage.


H1N1 flu

The H1N1 strain of influenze, is a mixture of swine, avian and human influenza viruses. H1N1 has caused the last four influenza pandemics, including the 1918 Spanish flu, which caused the nightmarish deaths of more than 50 million people who were not immune to this unknown strain. Influenza is full of surprises, so it’s best to pay attention and be prepared.



SARS – Years before COVID-19 appeared and attacked our world, the first coronavirus to inflict serious illness on people was SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. In 2003, SARS moved from its animal host to humans. The SARS outbreak was fatal, but it did not reach pandemic level. Scientists quickly identified this new virus and health experts were able to isolate cases. Humanity was also lucky. This coronavirus disappeared and was almost forgotten – that is, until its cousin COVID-19 emerged in a much more significant way.

Size of each microbe: 2-4″

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