Classroom Botanics Kit


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Develop green thumbs and share the joy of gardening with this kit for 12.


In stock

This Mano Verde set includes all necessary so that 12 children can bring home a plant they have grown themselves. Share the passion of gardening and botany thanks to this convenient set that allows to observe and compare the growth of 6 different seeds: (purple bean, dwarf sunflower, capucine, Mimosa Pudica, clover and catgrass. In addition, the demonstrator also has its own reusable Ecofrom pot, ideal for a grade school or nursery class. You can even add to the fun by providing decorative material so kids can customize their own box, with their unique personnality and creativity.

 4 years +

Includes: 12 boxes, 1 big pot and saucer for demonstration (dim: 18 cm x 13 cm high), biological substrate packed separately, 6 varieties of seeds, 13 wooden markers, coloring stickers and instructions.

EcoForm pots: these pots made from the outer shells of grains of rice are durable and lightweight and can be used both inside and outside. They have a life span of 5 years outdoors and longer indoors and can be put in the compost when finished.

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