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Simple rules and subtle strategy, for a fun game


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Hive® Pocket is the travel version of the popular strategy game that’s simple and complex! Includes all the original pieces, plus the mosquito and ladybug.

Now it’s easier than ever to play the game, even on small tables.

Each insect tile has a unique way of moving (similar to chess), mimicking their natural movements (for example, the grasshopper is the only one to jump). To win, you must play offensively (to surround the enemy queen) and defensively (to protect your queen).

Aim of the game: each player has a queen bee. Surround your opponent’s queen bee with pieces of your own or your opponent’s color. The first person to surround your opponent’s queen bee wins. It’s as simple as that, …. but really easy?

It only takes a few minutes to learn it and a lifetime to master it!

9 to 99 years old

28 pieces.  Piece size: 25 x 10 mm

(in comparison: 38 x 12 mm for the standard Hive)

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