Human Skeleton Model


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A skeleton model to better understand the human body


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An affordable and realistic 34″ version of the life size skeleton model, this human skeleton model is made of sturdy plastic and is perfect for the classroom or the room of a doctor-to-be! Includes a detailed key of bones.

The model is designed as a visual aid for teaching physiology and biology courses. It helps the students to understand the relationship between human body figure and skeleton. It can also be used for studying the morphology of bones and the construction of joints.

Reproduction of an adult male skeleton, in a standing posture. (Hyoid bone, ear ossicles are not represented.) The joints of the upper and Iower extremities are movable.

1. Skull: composed of 22 pieces ofbones With serrated sutures lines are marked out.
Calvarium is transversely cut to show the interior structures of the skull. Mandible is movable.

2. Vertebral column: composed of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae and 5 lumbar vertebrae, a piece of sacrum, a piece of coccyx and 23 intervertebral discs. The vertebral column shows four curvatures, i.e. cervical and lumbar curvatures, being convex forward, thoracic and sacral curvature, being convex backward.

3. Bony thorax: composed of 24 ribs, a piece of costal cartilages and a piece of sternum. It includes 7 pairs (1-7) of true ribs, 3 pairs (8-10) of false ribs and 2 pairs (Il – I2) of floating ribs.

4. Bony pelvis: composed of sacrum, coccyx and two pieces of hip bones.

5. Bones of upper extremities: composed of 64 pieces of separable bones. The pectoral girdle (scapula and clavicle) are fixed on the bony thorax. The main joints (shoulder, elbow and wrist) are movable.

6. Bones of lower extremities: composed of 62 pieces of separable bones. The pelvic girdle (hip bone) is fixed to construct the bony pelvis. The remaining parts of the Iower extremities can be taken down. The main joints (hip, knee and ankle) are movable.

CONSTRUCTION: The model is made of PVC plastic.