MadMath – 25th Anniversary Edition


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Turn arithmetic into a game!


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MadMath is a unique game that makes learning your arithmetic tables fun and captivating. If kids get into the challenge, they will concentrate; if they concentrate, then they will learn is the main principle of this made-in-Canada game!!

MadMath combines luck and strategy all the while practising mental calculations, an essential life skill.

25th Anniversary Edition: one side for multiplication (the classic game, 2 dice) and the other side rolls 3 dice; you multiply 2 of the 3 numbers and then add or subtract the third number, more choices, more strategy and more challenges!

The solutions are on the board and your goal is to align three of your four pawns in a row to win. The stratégie resides in your choices: you can choose to block your opponent and choose wisely the number of die you roll to get the desired result .

WINNER of 5 awards.
Ages 5 and up
2 to 4 players


Reversible board (addition / multiplication)
16 pawns
2 die


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