Real Laboratory Set


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A real lab at home


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Your child wants real laboratory tools? You have now found it, thanks to Funique! This set of laboratory glassware made of borosilicate, the best type of glass for laboratories dishes includes more than 36 items:

1 250ml Erlenmeyer flask
1 400ml Beaker
1 250ml Beaker
1 100ml Round flask
1 50ml Glass graduated cylinder
1 100ml Plastic graduated cylinder
1 Cast iron support stand (20′ high, 3/8′ DIA. rod)
1 Coated clamp for stand
2 Droppers
2 Glass dropper bottles (one clear, one amber)
6 Test tubes (16x150mm)
3 Rubber stoppers (not 4 as pictured in images)
1 Test tube clamp
1 Wooden test tube rack
1 Stainless steel Spatula (22cm long)
1 Mortar and pestle
1 Safety goggles
1 Rubberized lab apron
1 Test tube brush
5 Filtering paper
1 Wash bottle
1 Thermometer
1 Pack of 100 pH tests
1 Plastic funnel

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