Snap Circuits® Extreme (750)


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Do more than 750 projects, including a computer interface


The ultimate kit to demystify the vast world of electricity and electronics!

  • Total of 750 projects
  • 2 booklets, one with 73 projects to do with the computer interface (click here to download software)
  • Over 80 parts, including a solar cell, an electromagnet and a vibration switch
  • 4 AA batteries required
  • 8-108 years old

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the oscilloscope software only works with Windows systems (not Apple/ Mac).

Advantages of the Snap Circuits:

– Garanteed and solid parts replacing the traditional and fragile wires and components

– Coulors and electric symbol on each part, making their identification and drawing easier (schematics)

– Just like a construction toy: simplifies circuit building and fun to play with

– Ingenious way to connect parts, just like on your clothes!

– Color instruction manual explaining each project

– Quality American product


– Parts from the SC-100: Base grid, snap wires, 2 jumper wires, battery holder, whistle chip(piezoelectric), slide switch, press switch, motor, fan, 100 ohms resistor, photoresistor, LED, light, speaker, integrated circuits: music, alarm and space war

AND Parts of the SC-300: Antenna, 2nd battery holder, 2nd LED, 2nd light, microphone, 5 capacitors, 4 other resistors, 2 transistors, adjustable resistor, variable capacitor, integrated circuits: high frequency,power amplifier and more snap wires.

AND Parts of the SC-500: diode, DEL display, FM module, analog meter, transformer, relay, SCR, recording integrated circuit and more snap wires.

+ Parts of the SC-750: electromagnet, solar cell, universal 2-spring socket, vibration switch, software and interface cable.

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