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Build you own siege engines


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Inspired by the best examples of medieval artillery, this model provides a new spin on the classic war machines to test your conqueror’s skill: a siege tower with a ballista.

The Ballista has two units: a base with adjustable legs to stabilise it during firing and a firing unit that can shoot up to three wood bolts in a round and can also be placed on top of the tower. Traverse and elevation mechanism ensure the best aim. The lever on the side of the model’s body serves to wind up the ballista and works as a trigger that launches your bolt.

The ivy-cloaked castle tower with a heraldic gryphon/dragon on a coat of arms hides an interesting feature: a gear on the side is a part of the mechanism that raises the second level, revealing the spiral staircase and interior structure. You can also have a battle and aim your ballista to hit the shield on the tower and the second level will collapse.

Using no glue nor special tools, only your capable hands and a little bit of old mechanical magic, build your weapon but use it for fun, unlike a real middle age siege.

Practice your aiming accuracy, take over the castle, dive into the romantic times of true chivalry and maybe save a damsel in distress with Ugears Ballista and Tower model.

Tower size: 6*3,7*3,8 in (15,3 * 9,5 * 9,6 cm)
Archballista size: 3,5*3,2*5,6 in (9 * 8,1 * 14,2 cm)
292 components, estimated time for assembly: 6 hours

Recommended age –  14+

Materials – All models are made of ecological plywood.

Additional helpful materials: for the best assembly results and to ensure the correct fit we recommend checking each detail for flaws and removing imperfections using the finest grit sandpaper. If connecting of certain parts appears difficult, try using rubbing a candle on to lubricate the parts. If you experience difficulties removing a part off the board, simply use a cardboard box opener to detach it. If you desire, you can paint your model; watercolor, gouache or mordant are recommended. Take note that a thick layer can interfere with gears working.

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