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Color discs

Planets – the real colors




This beautiful view of Venus is a colour-enhanced radar map deep below the surface of this cloud-covered planet.




Image of Mercury created by using different filters and image processing techniques. Colors indicate variations in the mineral composition and physical state of the rocks at different places on Mercury.  And the reddish areas are considered to be volcanoes.


Educational Supplements




Station 1.

Electricity and atoms (Mute animation with French subtitles, source:EDF)

How big is an atom (Ted ed)

Electrons inside a copper wire

Bill Nye the science guy: Atoms

Bill Nye the science guy: Static electricity

Station 2.

Electric vocabulary

How a lead-acid battery works

Neuron electric charge

Galvanic Cell Animation (Zn/Cu)

Station 3.

How Electromagnets Work

National Geographic – Earth’s Invisible Shield

Bill Nye the science guy: Magnets and magnetism

Station 4.

Electricity generator (Mute animation with French subtitles, source:EDF)

Circuit world, circuit simulator

Station 5.

Station 6.

Court-circuit, a fire hazard

Station 7.

The electric lightbulb

Station 8.

Binary language

Station 9.

Station 10.

ALL ANIMATIONS COME FROM: EDF (Electric European company). They’re mute animations with french subtitles.


Solar Energy,

Wind energy,

Nuclear energy,



Fossil fuel plant

Greenhouse effect